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Should You Buy Tactical Shooting Gloves?

Should You Buy Tactical Shooting Gloves?

We tried some Mechanix gloves out.

Mechanix Wear recently sent us shooting gloves to test out. We got to choose between the Fast Fit Wolf Grey ($16) and the Original Speciality .5 Covert ($28). Mechanix kindly sent us medium and large to choose from. I chose large, and they fit well. They're both…
Shooting Glove Recommendations

Shooting Gloves: Users Discuss Types of Gloves that Ease Arthritis Flare-Ups

Best shooting gloves users recommend to ease arthritis

A discussion about the best shooting gloves for arthritis sufferers to use took place on a forum from The Firing Line. One user asked people for their recommendations for the best gloves to give his father to reduce recoil so arthritis doesn't keep him from shooting…