Russian AK-47s to be Manufactured in the United States

The iconic firearm finds a new home in Florida

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Production of the AK-47 will soon be made in the United States. Firearms collectors and enthusiasts are delighted to see the iconic rifle has found its way stateside.

Where will Russia’s “Avtomat Kalashnikov” be manufactured in the U.S.?  According to Fox News, a new plant in Pompano Beach, Florida will begin rolling out the guns.

About 100 million AK-47s have been produced in Russia since 1947 after Russian Army tank commander Mikhail Kalashnikov created the weapon after being injured in World War II.

“An iconic firearms platform, revered the world over, with a history of intrigue and controversy, now reborn as the new American Kalashnikov,” Kalashnikov USA said in a statement.

Kalashnikov USA now plans to unveil a manufacturing plant in Pompano Beach — just north of Fort Lauderdale.

“Whether you are a sport shooter, hunter, protecting family, home and country, the new Kalashnikov USA firearms will exceed your expectations of how a firearm should perform,” the company statement read.

The city has already approved the company’s plan, according to Pompano Beach spokeswoman Sandra King. It’s unclear at this time what its annual output would be or how many jobs the factory will generate. A new line of rifle and shotgun models debuted at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas recently. The new firearms include the “Alpha” line of rifles, with 30-round magazines.

Although the gun company will manufacture various models of guns, the AK-47 is expected to be a top seller. It’s main competition in the U.S. is the AR-15. Getting parts for the AK-47 might be a little more difficult, but many buyers like the model for the history.