Why Kydex Holsters Are the Best

When you're looking for a functional holster over attractiveness.

Why Kydex Holsters are The Best

After a lot of research on holsters, I came to the conclusion that Kydex holsters are the best choice. It’s not the most attractive holster, but that’s not what I was going for in one. I needed it to function well and stand up to the demands of everyday life, and that’s exactly what it does, and so much more. Here’s an outline of the reasons why I like Kydex holsters.

Weathers the Elements
Kydex are the most durable holsters available on the market today. It can get wet with rain, snow, or sweat and just wipe dry. You can’t say the same about a leather holster. When a leather holster gets wet, the gun gets wet. When a gun gets wet, it can rust. That’s NOT going to make you happy.

Easy Cleaning
Leather holsters can become dingy quickly, especially if you’re outside a lot. Since you can’t get a leather one wet, it can be impossible to return the holster to its original state. The Kydex is completely different – you can clean it with soap and water and it will look as good as new.

Keeps Its Shape
Kydex holsters are rigid. You never have to worry about it stretching because of overuse. It will always hold your gun tightly and securely, no matter how many times it gets wet, you clean it, or pull the gun out in a rush.

High Retention Level
We’ve all heard stories of guns disengaging in volatile situations. You never have to worry about that with Kydex. You can move any way you wish, fall to the ground and roll around without worry.

Leather holsters are often thick and easily seen through a t-shirt. The Kydex is much thinner and is virtually undetectable under a shirt.

You can place the holster inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB). All you need to do is place the clips that come with the holster in the appropriate position.

It’s also silent. Leather holsters usually make a sound when you walk, especially when it’s new. The Kydex holster doesn’t make a sound at all.

One-Handed Manipulation
You can easily access your pistol from the Kydex holder with one hand. You can even manipulate the slides and clear jams. It really is that easy, but you won’t get the same ease with leather holsters.

A lot of people who will turn away from a Kydex holder because it doesn’t look nice, but really, who are you trying to impress? If you’re concealing your pistol, no one will see the holster. It just makes sense to buy that performs rather than just look pretty, and that’s the Kydex.

Image courtesy of http://pbestore.storenvy.com, makers of Kydex holsters.