More New Products from SHOT Show 2017

The smaller companies had a lot of cool products too.

Caracal CAR816 A2

Over the past two days we’ve looked at some of the new products that were rolled out at SHOT SHOW 2017. Most of them were products from the bigger guys. Today we’re looking at some of the products you’re less likely to hear about in the big magazine. Here are some more new products from SHOT Show 2017.

Alpha Series Pistol Suppressors from Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog Silencers

Alpha introduced the Alpha Series of suppressor. The patented integrated picatinny rail works as a heat sink, to dissipate heat 20 to 30% more effectively than traditional round suppressors. IT’s also got a multi-caliber design with interchangeable pistons. Made of aluminum monocore baffle, it is a lightweight 10.2 ounces for the 9mm.

Caracal CAR816 A2

Caracal CAR816 A2

The CAR 816 A2 is a tactical weapon originally designed for use in law enforcement and military applications. The CAR816 A2 is available in semi-automatic and select fire configurations and various barrel lengths including 10.5” CQB, 14.5” Carbine and 16” Infantry Rifle. The CAR816 A2 comes standard with a Quick Detach (QD) sling, a cleaning kit, one 30-round steel/polymer magazine, and front and rear flip-up sights.

Ritter & Stark SX-1 MTR

Ritter & Stark SX-1 Modular Tactical Rifle

The Modular Tactical Rifle (MTR) is a long-range precision rifle capable of quickly changing calibers between a .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum. The height and angle of the cheek piece, length of pull and recoil pad are adjustable. It’s compatible with AR-15 pistol grips. and has a built-in rail.