Custer’s Last Stand Pistol Up For Auction

A 'piece' of history

Custer s Last Stand Pistol Up For Auction

Even if you don’t know exactly what happened at this historic event, you surely recognize the names associated with it…Custer, Little Big Horn, Sitting Bull.

We call it Custer’s Last Stand, and it took place in 1876 in Montana, when Lt. Col. George Custer fought Lakota, Sioux and Cheyenne Native Americans. The Native Americans call it the Battle of the Greasy Grass.

Custer’s men faced a major defeat as the Native Americans gave what was one of their last pushes to preserve their way of life. Custer was killed along with 268 other U.S. cavalry. The Colt SA Army pistol that was reportedly used during this attack is now being offered by James D Julia auction house in Fairfield, Maine.

The auction house says it is in original condition and has been  “positively proven to have been used by Custer’s men at the infamous Battle of the Little Bighorn.” A spokesman said that artifacts from the battle were found in 1980 after an archaeological dig at the site. Forensic testing from this gun and other artifacts was undertaken to match up guns in private collections and museums to the battle site.

The spokesman went on to say that sometimes the forensic examination comes back as inconclusive. But in the case of this gun, which had been in private hands, it has been positively identified as being from the battle. The gun is estimated at $175,000 to $275,000. Would you bid on it?

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