Tips on Carrying Concealed on Your Ankle

Ankle carrying can be comfortable and easy.

Tips on How to Carry on the Ankle

People have been carrying concealed weapons on their ankle since the “Wild West” days. At that time, people were not supposed to carry firearms within city limits, so they would hide them on their ankles. Actually, cowboys, gamblers, and other people who wanted to carry would sometimes carry six guns in their boots.

We’ve come a long way since that time. Now, people don’t just hide guns by their ankle because they are not allowed to have them, but it’s because it can be more comfortable and convenient.

Most people who carry by the ankle do it because they can’t carry on the belt. In these situations, there aren’t many other options to conceal. For some people, they want to carry by the ankle because it’s easier to draw. When seated, it can be much easier to pull a gun from the ankle.

Ankle carrying is also much more comfortable. When seated, the gun at the side can pinch or otherwise feel uncomfortable. However, when the gun is by the ankle, you don’t need to worry about that. It can be a great relief to have the gun right there.

Tips on How to Draw Quickly from the Ankle
Now that you know how much more comfortable and easier it is to carry at the ankle, here are some tips on carrying your firearm there.

When you’re ready to draw, grab your pants leg above the knee. Use the hand that you are not using to raise your pant leg to grab the gun. As you are pulling up the pant leg, widen your stance so the leg that has the gun is in front of you. This will make it easier for you to bend down to reach the gun.

Keep your eyes on the threat at all times. Bend down with your eyes and head up. Grab the gun, while making sure the muzzle is pointing towards the target.
Bring the other hand with the one holding the gun, and then aim.

You can shoot from a low or high position. If you’re able to get to an upright position in time to shoot, that is best. If not, shoot from where you are when you bend down to grab the gun at the ankle.

Try concealing your weapon at your ankle, if you haven’t before. For many people, it’s all they do. You may be one them.