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Suppressor with the adapter required to hold it on a rifle

SHUSH Act Takes on Suppressor Issues

Utah and Idaho sponsor Senate bills.

Utah and Idaho lawmakers are taking on the issue of gun suppressors head on. Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee and Idaho Republican Senator Mike Crapo along with Republican Iowa Representative Steve King have proposed legislation that would regulate suppressors as over-the-counter firearms accessories. What is currently required is…
special operation handgun with silencer on white background

Republicans Seek to Overhaul Gun Silencer Laws

Special tax and registration requirements are up for debate.

Two new gun laws were introduced into the House of Representatives and the Senate in January by Republican lawmakers. The new laws seek to reform the laws related to firearm silencers. The bills are both named the Hearing Protection Act. The House bill was introduced by…
Caracal CAR816 A2

More New Products from SHOT Show 2017

The smaller companies had a lot of cool products too.

Over the past two days we've looked at some of the new products that were rolled out at SHOT SHOW 2017. Most of them were products from the bigger guys. Today we're looking at some of the products you're less likely to hear about in…
Sig Sauer Recognized for Optic and Silencer of the Year

Sig Sauer Recognized for Optic and Silencer of the Year

Guns & Ammo Magazine recognizes the company in two categories.

Sig Sauer has earned two “Product of the Year” awards from Guns & Ammo Magazine. An announcement posted on their website noted that the company was "acknowledged for product excellence in the optics and silencer categories as part of the publication’s 'Guns & Ammo of…