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The Womens Gun Show is a new podcast about women gun buyers

‘The Women’s Gun Show,’ a Powerful Podcast Sponsored by Ruger

Women and their love of guns featured in fun and informative podcast

It's no secret that women are a growing demographic of gun buyers. A powerful and novel podcast recently launched highlighting this trend. Carrie Lightfoot of "The Well Armed Woman" and Barbara Baird of "Women’s Outdoor News" have partnered in a new project called "The Women’s Gun…
Ways to customize a Ruger-1022

Ways to Customize a Ruger 10-22

When you want to make a gun all your own to shoot the way you need it to, the best choice is the Ruger 10-22. This gun is one of the most customizable guns on the market today. The following are just some of the…
Colt handguns updated for 2016

Colt Updates Popular Handguns Just in Time for Summer 2016

Colt Pistol Models are releasing four updated pistols in time for summer 2016. The firearms are Colt Delta Elite and Defender, Colt Combat Unit Rail Gun, and 9mm stainless steel Colt Combat Unit Rail Gun. Colt is releasing updated models of some of its pistols after…
Pollsters prefer concealed carry

Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act Fails to Pass

Proposal would have increased requirements for gun shop owners

Illinois House Bill 1016 originally introduced as an environmental bill in February of 2015, was amended to the “Gun Dealer Licensing Act” with the intention of making the process of buying a firearm in the state more difficult. That bill failed to pass, coming up short…
rifle hunting law

Hunters Allowed to Use Rifles in Livingston County, NY

A temporary decision has hunters hopeful

Hunters in Livingston County, NY are relieved today. They have just received news they won’t have to retire their rifles this hunting season. In 2014, hunters were given legal permission to use rifles while hunting big game. This law was only temporary. It was recently brought…
gun from an nra contest

NRA to Drive Membership with Jeep, Cash, and Guns Giveaway

Two custom ARs available to the winner

Love guns? Love Jeeps? How about money? Well, you’re in luck because the National Rifle Association (NRA) has announced they will be raffling a Jeep, cash, and guns. The contest is open to anyone, not just NRA members. Giveaway winner gets cash, a customized off-road monster,…