November On Pace to Be Seventh Straight Month of Soaring Gun Sales

FBI Processes a Record Number of Background Checks

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Gun sales reached all-time highs during the summer months of 2015, and the rates have kept their momentum into the fall. The soaring sales are motivated by violent incidents and talk from some political leaders.

1,979,759 background checks for firearms were processed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in October, making it the busiest October on record. Sales also reached records in May, June, July, and August.

The statistic is a fairly reliable one for measuring the state of the firearms manufacturing market. States vary on check requirements, especially for person-to-person gun sales.

The recent spike in sales puts 2015 on pace to see more than 21 million gun related checks. It would stand to be the most since 2013.

Two factors played important roles in the increase in firearm sales. Public opinion plays a big part in sales across the country.

Several campus shooting events made headlines in the late summer, drawing attention to concealed carry on college campuses. Recent rulings, like the one by Los Angeles City Council to require guns at home to be secured for example, can play a heavy influence on the market.

Statements by political leaders cause worry among firearms enthusiasts that their rights may be jeopardy, and spikes in gun sales are the immediate result.