Gun Maker Designing More Guns that are Attractive to Women

How one gunmaker is creating weapons with women in mind

pink gun

With the gun industry having a good number of women interested in their products, they’re designing more firearms to meet their needs.

A recent article on New Jersey 101.5 profiled one business that’s taking huge steps to appeal to their female customers.

Guy Petinga co-owns Lady Liberty Gunsmithing, LLC in Atlantic City. He says they’re creating colorized versions of pistols with many of them being lightweight. Some are made with aluminum titanium lightweight materials that are equally strong, yet attractive to female buyers.

As the gun manufacturer points out, the woman is the sole provider in a lot of households today. She has to look out for her family and make sure she has something that makes her feel protected.

Lady Liberty Gunsmithing offers training in how to operate the weapons in addition to selling them.

“Many of the people that have come in the last couple of years are ladies, and they have the common sense to want to be trained before they purchase a gun,” Petinga said in the article.

A variety of options are available to women buying pistols at the gun shop. The firearms now come in smaller sizes, so they’re easier to use by women because they tend to have smaller hands than men.

“My wife, she just can’t handle a semi-automatic pistol, she has trouble pulling the slide back, so I purchased for her, her favorite color, lavender, and I bought a lavender pistol for her – very easily handled, lightweight, she’s thrilled with it, she shoots it fine,” Petinga said in the article.

Staff show the ladies how to disassemble the firearm to clean it and maintain it before they purchase it.

This gun manufacturer believes women are just more open about buying guns than they’ve been in the past due to the increased crime rate and the fact so many are living alone.

Photo credit: zombieite via Visualhunt / CC BY