Ruger Announces New Revolvers and CRKT Knife

GP100 and Redhawk revolvers and CRKT knife

New Ruger Revolvers the GP 100 and Redhawk

Ruger has announced additions to the GP 100 and Redhawk revolver families. This announcement comes just hours after an announcement the previous day of 3 new Mark IV models.

The GP 100

The GP100 has a  five-round cylinder chambered in .44 Special.  With a 3-inch full-shrouded barrel, it’s still a balanced and precise gun. All-stainless steel with a Hogue Monogrip without finger grooves is attached to the proprietary Ruger grip frame which is designed to fit many sizes of hands confortably. Many configurations of the grip frame are available from the Ruger website

The Redhawk

The Redhawk has an eight-round cylinder chambered in .357 Magnum. Also stainless steel, the new Redhawk model has a 2.75 inch barrel and round butt, Altamont hardwood grips. Shooters can quickly reload using the full moon clips which are shipped with each .357 Magnum Redhawk revolver. Additional full moon clips and speed loaders are available at

Both new revolvers feature windage and elevation adjustable rear sights. The GP100 in .44 Special features a green fiber optic dot set in black square post front sight. The Redhawk in .357 Magnum features a red ramp front sight that is readily replaceable with other front sight blades available on

Just a few days ago the company also released a Hollow-Point Knife by CRKT.  The Ruger Hollow-Point Knife by CRKT  is designed by Ken Onion for the exclusive Ruger knife line by CRKT. The Hollow-Point is part of the exclusive Ruger knife line for everyday carry, hunting, tactical usesand self-preparedness. This knife retails for $70.

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