2-Mile Shots Are No Longer a Fantasy

This beast makes it possible.

Gunwerks Hamr long range shooting

A Canadian soldier just had a confirmed kill from a bullet that traveled 2 miles to get to its target. The sniper, a member of the Canadian Special Forces, demolished a world record for the longest-ever successful kill shot on record. The sniper, in Iraq, hit an ISIS militant from more than 2 miles away. It’s an astounding feat. And now, a gun that was designed for shots like this is available.

With the new Hamr by Gunwerks you can make some of the longest shots imaginable. Chambered in 375 CheyTac, this rifle is a leap forward in the evolution of extreme long range. The rifle comes fully equipped with a Nightforce ATACR F1 7-35×56 scope, Elite Iron bipod, fully adjustable folding chassis, and aggressive muzzle brake to tame recoil. This is a special edition, single-run rifle. So when they’re gone, they’re gone. Like all Gunwerks rifles, the HAMR comes ready to shoot right out of the box.

As of now, the gun will be delivered in September 2017. 2000 yard shots out-of-the-box are a real possibility with this setup. The Hamr weighs 20.6 pounds and costs$12,500. Like the website says, it ain’t cheap, and it ain’t light. But it hits like Thor’s hammer! LEarn more at the Gunwerks site.

Here are the specs:

Caliber: 375 Cheytac
Optic: Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56 F1
Stock: Flat Dark Earth | Black
Bipod: Included: Elite Iron Revolution Bipod
Cerakote: Graphite (Black)
Barrel Profile: Heavy Fluted
Overall Weight: 20.6 lb
Overall Length: 53 in
Barrel Length: 29 in
Brake: Standard: Directional Ported 3 Chamber Brake
Action: Stainless Steel
Length of Pull: Adjustable