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Which State Is most Dependent On Guns?

Which State Is Most Dependent On Guns?

Take a guess.

On March 15 WalletHub published the results of a survey aimed at determining which state was most dependent on the gun industry. Since we've been publishing reports of the gun industry being in a "Trump Slump" since the new president was elected, we know that…

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How to Clean a Synthetic Gun Stock

How to Clean a Synthetic Gun Stock

A few ways work, depending on how you want it to look afterwards.

The reason most gun owners choose a synthetic gun stock is because of the low maintenance that comes along with having it. A synthetic stock does need some attention, though. One of the most common questions asked is how to clean a synthetic gun stock.…
16 Shotguns Stolen From Cleaned-Out Gun Safe in Ohio

16 Shotguns Stolen From Cleaned-Out Gun Safe in Ohio

We can learn some lessons from this.

This news brief made us stop to think...The headline from The Marietta Times in Marietta, Ohio, read, "16 shotguns stolen from Newport Township home." We got to wondering how this could happen. Were all 16 shotguns just lying around? The news report raises more questions than…

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Male Forensic Scientist Holding an Evidence Bag With a Gun Inside

Violent Crime IS Going Up

The trend has changed.

News reports have been saying lately that more and more people, including women and minorities, are arming themselves. WE reported in late 2016 that violent crime had slightly decreased ("5 Reasons to Carry Concealed in 2017") , although news reports hyping crime makes it seem…
Kenya Burns 5,250 Illegal Weapons

Kenya Burns 5,250 Illegal Weapons

Imagine a huge pile of guns blazing in a massive bonfire.

Imagine a huge pile of guns blazing in a massive bonfire. This is what Kenyans experienced recently. Fox News reported that three stacks of guns about 15 feet high were burned. Obtaining a gun license is difficult in Kenya. After completing an application, interviews and background…

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Is Atlanta Illegally Hoarding Confiscated Guns?!

When a gun gets confiscated by police, it is forfeited from the owner.  The type of forfeiture can be either civil or criminal but once a gun is taken, it's now in custody of the police.  According to Georgia law, that gun must be sold…
Beretta 490 Serpentina

Beretta Unveils New Serpentina Shotgun

Company marks 490th anniversary in New York City

On December 2, 2016, Beretta marked its 490th anniversary by unveiling a one-of-a-kind shotgun in New York City. The company's official anniversary s October 3, but numerous special events have taken place since then. The 490 Serpentina was commissioned and made for the occasion. It was presented…

Concealed Carry

New Dating Site Targets Guns Rights Enthusiasts

New Dating Site Targets Guns Rights Enthusiasts

Mostly men are using it so far; the site hopes for more women.

There are dating sites for Christians, for dog owners, for people with food sensitivities, even for people who love bacon and for people who love beards, although at this point the bacon and beards lovers have to use two different sites. (See these 10 niche dating…
hand firing a handgun with bullet casing shooting out and flash

New York Handgun Permits Can’t Be Renewed

They are required to be renewed but permit holders can't do it.

According to the Buffalo News, the state's gun control law requires all residents who had pistol permits before 2013 to renew them or lose them. But there's a problem. Niagara County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski said the state hasn't done what it needs to do to make that…

2nd Amendment

5 Ways Skeletonized AR-15s Change The Game

Do They Really Enhance The Shooting Experience Or Just Look Cool?

If you've been following Demolition Ranch on YouTube, you likely saw a pretty candid introduction of the latest craze: skeletonized AR-15s.  "Skeletonized" refers to manufacturers and gun makers taking out any excess metal in the frame of a gun until it only has the bare…
map of maryland

Can Maryland Set the Stage for a National Gun Ban?

4th Circuit upholds restrictive law.

Late in February, without hardly anyone noticing, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Maryland's restrictive "Firearms Safety Act." Maryland currently bans semiautomatic guns with certain features that the state feels make the guns "militarized." The state passed this law in 2012 in response to…