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Hollow point in front of black gun on workbench.

Bye Bye Penis, Man Says After Sitting on Gun

Why does stuff like this always happen in Florida?

I grew up in Florida so I get to make fun of it a little. No offense intended to the great people from the state. But, ya got to admit, a lot of the wacko stories that we hear of in the news do take…
Masked Gunman Smashes Lady's Cake

Masked Gunman Smashes Lady’s Cake

He acted calm, like he had done it before.

In further strange news from Florida, a woman in Deltona told police she pulled into her driveway and saw a masked man pointing a gun at her. The woman was not identified, and neither was the gunman. She says she had a cake in one…
the state of Florida in outline

Allman Bros Wife Throws Rifle in Water After Threat to High Schoolers

This made us scratch our heads.

In Florida, the 62-year-old wife of a well-known musician apparently stood on her dock and threatened several members of a rowing team practicing nearby. She used a rifle to threaten the rowing team, then threw the rifle in the water! Donna Betts is the wife…
Popcorn in Your Hair Is Not a Good Reason to Use Your Gun

Popcorn in Your Hair Is Not a Good Reason to Use Your Gun

Don't be the aggressor, because you'll be the one to pay.

Last month we published "A Reminder About Using Deadly Force." That article was in response to an incident in Minnesota where a man fired his gun at a group of people he believed had attempted to burglarize his home. Problem was, they were in their…
District of Columbia Residents Don't Have 2nd Amendment Rights

News Flash: DC Residents Don’t Have Second Amendment Rights!

New bill tried to change the city's existing laws.

There's no question that the District of Columbia is a unique place. If you live there, you're pretty much guaranteed to be working in the government or military or working in an industry that serves those people. The district hosts high-profile events including heads of…
Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Updated: Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Five people shot dead by gunman in Florida.

We're now hearing reports about a shooter in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, airport who has shot 5 people. Several others were injured. In the baggage claim area of Terminal 2, just before 1 pm Florida time, a man began shooting. Five people were killed and eight…