‘The Women’s Gun Show,’ a Powerful Podcast Sponsored by Ruger

Women and their love of guns featured in fun and informative podcast

The Womens Gun Show is a new podcast about women gun buyers

It’s no secret that women are a growing demographic of gun buyers. A powerful and novel podcast recently launched highlighting this trend.

Carrie Lightfoot of “The Well Armed Woman” and Barbara Baird of “Women’s Outdoor News” have partnered in a new project called “The Women’s Gun Show.” The weekly podcast is sponsored by Ruger, a nationally recognized manufacturer of renowned firearms for nearly 100 years.

Gun industry sees major spike in women buying guns

It was about five years ago that women started getting more interested in what firearms have to offer as far as protection goes, according to a survey by the National Sporting Goods Association. The number of women participating in shooting sports has jumped in the last 10 years, increasing by more than 50 percent for target shooting from 2001 to 2011 (more than 5 million women), and by 40 percent for hunting.

About The Women’s Gun Show

“The Women’s Gun Show” covers trending topics, product reviews, guest interviews with famous figures in the gun industry, and explorations of this fast-growing segment of women and gun ownership.

The first episode was recorded in May. In that, Lightfoot and Baird discussed a hot button issue  -– guns and babies. The 3-part series on guns and babies focused on pregnancy and shooting. Olympic shooter-turned-firearms trainer Gabby Franco was a guest on the show who shared why she gave up the shooting range during her pregnancy, and offers a drill for dry-fire training.

The women also had conversations about related trending topics like the Ruger LC9 model pistol and the belly band for pregnant shooters.

Lightfoot gave in-depth information on upcoming women’s shooting events, which many listeners would be keen to learn more about.

Among a few of the podcast exclusives delivered was commentary by pro competition shooter Julie Golob, who talked about how to choose a first gun. She dished on her favorite tips for beginning shooters at the range. Mike Abramovich, a training counselor for the NRA and at The Well Armed Woman, discussed trigger press and the importance of learning how to operate this small, but powerful part of the firearm.

As a fun feature, Lightfoot and Baird introduce the “fan of the month” opportunity, in which one person can win a gift from “The Well Armed Woman” and have a featured profile at “Women’s Outdoor News” websites.

Podcasts of the previous shows can be downloaded from “The Well Armed Woman,” in addition to Stitcher and iTunes. The show is broadcast every Friday.