New Dating Site Targets Guns Rights Enthusiasts

Mostly men are using it so far; the site hopes for more women.

New Dating Site Targets Guns Rights Enthusiasts

There are dating sites for Christians, for dog owners, for people with food sensitivities, even for people who love bacon and for people who love beards, although at this point the bacon and beards lovers have to use two different sites. (See these 10 niche dating apps if you’re curious.) Why not a dating site for gun lovers? Now people who identify as gun rights supporters who are passionate about Second Amendment can find people who are pre-qualified to feel the same way about guns that they do.

Concealed Carry Match has members who all either claim to own guns or support the right to own guns. This is a new site that just launched in August, and the owners of the site say they have deleted a few obviously fake profiles. The site’s chief operating officer, Molly Lund says she isn’t a gun owner herself, but she saw the opportunity to serve that portion of the population as she became aware of the statistics showing that an increasing number of women are seeking concealed carry permits.

So far, the site has a little over 200 public profiles. Most of the users are men aged 20 to 60, so ladies, here’s a chance to get in front of a lot of guys without having to move to Alaska. Lund says the site is hoping to attract more females, and other than the fact that the members should profess a love of guns, the site will not discriminate in other ways regarding ethnicity or sexual preference. The site’s creator, Jim Minthorn, says he created the site to be a safe place for gun enthusiasts to connect, according to his bio.

Concealed Carry Match isn’t the only dating site that specifically seeks to attract gun owners, but it does specifically target concealed carry permit holders.