The Solution to Gun Theft

Hide your guns or pay for the crime.

The Solution to Gun Theft

When you leave your gun in your vehicle, where do you usually leave it? Is it in plain sight when someone walks by? Hopefully not. But if so, you may be setting yourself up to pay for any crime that’s committed with it.

This is something that Tennessee law enforcement is emphasizing right now due to the influx in gun thefts from vehicles. Just two years ago, the state made it legal for gun owners to have their guns in their vehicles, even loaded ones. While this was a great step towards gun rights, it wasn’t a great one for what it led to – criminals stealing guns.

Before this Tennessee law passed, there were only 473 guns stolen from vehicles. However, by November 2015 (just one year after the law passed), that number rose to 623 – a 31.7% increase, and the number continues to rise with 720 stolen guns in 2016.

When criminals can access guns readily from parked vehicles, it makes the job of law enforcement much harder. If a crime is committed with the gun, the serial number will lead back to the gun owner. While a police report can show the gun was stolen, there is still a possibility that the gun owner could be charged with the crime, especially if there isn’t any evidence to disconnect him from the crime.

The Solution to Gun Robberies
The best way to protect yourself and those that may be harmed with a stolen firearm is to hide it in your vehicle when you leave it in there. Usually, criminals won’t break into the vehicle unless they see the gun inside of it. When you have it under the seat or in the trunk, a criminal will likely not search the vehicle for it – there’s not enough time and the risk of it outweighs the treasure that “might” be found for them.

A lockbox is best to place the firearm instead, so no one can get access to it, even if they’re not trying to steal it. It’s important to hide the lockbox as well, since criminals have no problem cracking into the box if they take it because it was visible inside of the vehicle.

You don’t want your gun, which you paid a lot of money for, stolen. You also don’t want to ruin your reputation and possibly your life by being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. Hide your gun when you leave it in your vehicle. It’s the smart thing to do.