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Cool Training Design, But See If You Can Spot The Errors With This Course

I came across these videos while researching techniques for pistols in traditional settings (workplaces, home, etc.).  Denver Defense came out with a series of videos showing participants completing a "fire and move" round. The first video is taken from, obviously, first person perspective.  It's really cool…

VIDEO – Shooting A Hand Cannon In Slow Motion: Enter Ring Of Fire

Watch Top Shot Chris Cheng and friends create a Ring of Fire with a Smith & Wesson .460 Magnum XVR 3.5" barrel. Entertaining? Yes. Something I'd do for fun on a regular basis? No. I have a lot of typing at the computer to do.

Marine Corps Increases Focus on Updating Current Weapons Systems

New changes and better effectiveness are coming to the battlefield.

It's called the Small Arms Modernization Strategy, and it could mean big changes on the battlefield. The Marine Corps places high value not only on effectiveness of their small arms, but also on their mobility and durability that can influence speed and muscle fatigue. That means…
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SilencerCo. Creates Handgun with Built-In Suppressor

In an age when the suppressor is slowly gaining acceptance, a handgun has emerged to change the game.

The Maxim 9, built by suppressor- brand SilencerCo, is a 9mm handgun with a 15-round magazine. On most accounts seemingly normal. But the built-in suppressor is what sets the piece apart. The handgun shoots all 9mm ammunition and is built for daily carry and use. The…