Savage Arms Announces New Rifle Model 10 GRS

Tactical bolt action with GRS stock

Savage Arms new Model 10 GRS Rifle

There’s a new rifle by Savage Arms. Its popular Model 10 rifle has been updated now in a new version they’re calling the Model 10 GRS. The new rifle incorporates the flexible GRS stock, designed for customization.

This rifle is made for the long-range shooter and is built to give precision over long distances. The GRS stock is constructed from fiberglass-reinforced Durethan and glass-bedding material, designed to improve accuracy.

A slimmer stock means that most shooters can get a better grip on it. And a new surface means that you are less likely to lose your grip if it’s wet out or you’re sweaty. The stock is adjustable for length of pull and comb height, which is great because most shooters want to be able to customize their gun to their own fit as much as possible. The length of pull is adjustable from 13.2 to 14.3 inches.

Savage is known for its barrel action. This rifle has more of the same fluted heavy barrel and button rifling it has become known for. On the Savage Arms website this gun is listed as Law Enforcement Series with a detachable box magazine, carbon steel barrel, synthetic stock, matte barrel finish, black barrel and AccuTrigger. The AccuTrigger lets shooters set the trigger pull using the supplied tool without having a gunsmith adjust it. When looking around for a dealer, Cabelas pops up which describes it as a tactical bolt action rifle with GRS stock.  I’m not exactly sure what makes this a tactical gun, but it is nice that it is precise and highly adjustable at a reasonable price. The rifle is also compatible with AICS magazines and ships with one 10-round magazine. The stock also features flush-cup sling loops and a sling mount designed for attaching a bipod.

The Savage Arms Model 10 GRS rifle is available in 6.5 Creedmoor with a 24-inch barrel and in .308 Win. in a 20-inch barrel. The suggested retail price on the new gun is $1,449.

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