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Gun Rights Activists Found Guilty in Michigan

They didn't seem to help their cause any.

Back in February, two gun rights activists armed themselves and then walked into the Dearborn, Michigan, police department. James Baker, 24, and Brandon Vreeland, 40, both from Michigan, were charged with crimes stemming from the incident. In early July, the men were convicted. Both were found guilty…
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20 Federal Agents Assigned to Chicago

The city is trying to crack down on illegal guns.

At the end of June, the Chicago Tribune reported that 20 federal gun agents were assigned to the city of Chicago to take part in a task force with the goal of cracking down on illegal guns in the city. According to a release from the…
Masked Gunman Smashes Lady's Cake

Masked Gunman Smashes Lady’s Cake

He acted calm, like he had done it before.

In further strange news from Florida, a woman in Deltona told police she pulled into her driveway and saw a masked man pointing a gun at her. The woman was not identified, and neither was the gunman. She says she had a cake in one…
Chicago Police Superintendent Pushes for Longer Prisons Times for Gun Felons

Chicago Police Superintendent Pushes for Longer Prisons Times for Gun Felons

He wants to keep them off the street.

NBC Chicago published an article about Chicago's top cop, Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who testified before a House committee last week to lobby for longer sentences for gun crimes. Supt. Johnson lobbied for a stronger gun sentencing bill, SB 1722. The bill has passed the Chicago Senate and…
Philippine Government Tightens Gun Ownership Laws

Philippine Government Tightens Gun Ownership Laws

President blames easy access to guns for crime.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte blamed easy access to guns and ammunition as cause for continuing crime in his country. As a result, the Philippine government is expected to tighten the rules on gun ownership in that country. President Duterte said the government should improve the regulation of…
The waitress who was fired from a Georgia Waffle House after the restaurant was robbed

Georgia Waffle House Waitress Fired After Restaurant is Robbed

She chased out robbers and got fired for it.

What do you think about this Waffle House waitress in Georgia who was fired after having to deal with robbers? Heather Burkinshaw-Stanley told police that three men came in and sat down in her restaurant in North Druid Hills, Georgia, at 2:30am and ordered food. Twenty…