Guns Aren’t The Only Things People Try to Sneak Past Airport Security

10 weird things people have tried to take on a plane.

TSA SpearGun

If you’re flying any time soon (like I am), you might want to ask your seat mate what they’ve brought on board with them. We found this list on Business insider of 19 weird things people have tried to take through airport security. Some of them will blow your mind.

The photos were taken from TSA’s Instagram feed.
1. A Black Power Flask

2. A Spear Gun

3. A Homemade Replica Suicide Vest

4. A Knife (found concealed inside a pill bottle) You can be charged for intentionally concealing any knife, no matter how small.

5. A Sai (the weapon of choice of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael)

6. A Pen Knife

7. Blade Floggers

8. A Cattle Prod

9. A Throwing Knife Necklace

10. A Bat Knife