Boost In Gun Sales Before Election

Who know what the future holds, but we want our guns.

Boost in Gun Sales Before Election

No one knows what’s in store for the United States after a new president is elected. That’s why many gun enthusiasts are headed out to get guns before they may not be able to anymore.

According to a recent report released by Washington Examiner, Elementu, a supply chain management firm found that 97 percent of Americans are postponing large purchases until after the election. These items include cars and houses. What hasn’t changed is that consumers are still purchasing gun-related items. The survey found that 19 percent of people living in the South, 23 percent of those in their mid-30s and late 40s, and 24 percent of women report they will likely buy a gun before the election.

As much as we would like to think this is just because of this year’s election, it’s actually a trend that happens every year during the election. In fact, Obama was named “Salesman of the Year” for the gun industry because of the significant increase in sales.

Why People Are Buying Guns
The answer is simple – gun control. Many gun enthusiasts are fearful the newly elected president will put restraints on the purchasing of guns. They don’t want to be stuck without the right to buy the weapons they want, so they figure they might as well get them while they can.

Does this mean that there will be more problems because there are more guns being purchased? No. Many people assume that if there is an increase in gun purchases, there is going to be more violent acts committed. This is simply not the norm. The rate of violent crimes has steadily decreased over the last few years, while the number of guns purchased has increased. There is actually a negative correlation to gun purchases and violent acts.

This could be because those who commit violent crimes are more fearful that others around them or their victims will attack with their own gun. It could also be that criminals are simply choosing other means to hurt others. Whatever the reason, guns do not lead to a boost in homicides.

So, if you’re considering a gun purchase in the near future, it’s probably a good time to make a final decision. Even after a president is elected, it’s likely nothing will change until he or she is sworn into office. Take this time as your chance at being able to exercise your Second Amendment rights because no one know what’s going to happen in the New Year.