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This Study Says That Some Gun Control Laws Cause *More* Deaths

The British medical journal, the Lancet, published a study where they conclude that if the federal government expanded background checks and required every firearm to be registered, it would account for a whopping 90% reduction in gun deaths. Dr. David Hemenway, who sits in a…
The Future of the Gun Industry with Trump

Mississippi’s Constitutional Carry Bill Faces Heavy Opposition

TV Ads and Law Enforcement Groups Speak Out

A television ad was aired across the state last week that claiming dangers associated with a new bill being considered by Mississippi lawmakers. The catalyst for the proposed bill was a recent violent attack at a South Carolina church last year. The bill, also called "Mississippi…

5 Ways Skeletonized AR-15s Change The Game

Do They Really Enhance The Shooting Experience Or Just Look Cool?

If you've been following Demolition Ranch on YouTube, you likely saw a pretty candid introduction of the latest craze: skeletonized AR-15s.  "Skeletonized" refers to manufacturers and gun makers taking out any excess metal in the frame of a gun until it only has the bare…

Iowa House Pushes To Ensure Gov’t Can’t Restrict Gun Rights

Bill guarantees 2nd Amendment Rights even in emergency.

Amongst a three-member panel from the House Judiciary Committee, a bill was passed and cleared for the House of Representatives for the State of Iowa which would guarantee the rights of the Second Amendment in the face of any potential declared state of emergency.  In…

In Oregon, Bar Your Neighbor From Buying Guns

Just claim he's nuts.

Right from the annals of horrible ideas comes a recent bill which has been introduced into the Oregon legislature which would effectively allow a person who suspects another person of being "mentally unstable" to be barred from purchasing a firearm.  Surely, you may ask, there…
SAF Fires Back at Jeh Johnson's Gun Control Statement

President Says Executive Orders ‘Will Be Consistent with the Second Amendment’

New Gun Control Initiatives Set to Roll Out

President Obama shed some light on executive orders he plans to roll out in the coming days when it comes to gun control. It's a move that's guaranteed to light some fires. The President plans to announce a list of initiatives he sees fit as part…