Iowa House Pushes To Ensure Gov’t Can’t Restrict Gun Rights

Bill guarantees 2nd Amendment Rights even in emergency.

Iowa gun possession

Amongst a three-member panel from the House Judiciary Committee, a bill was passed and cleared for the House of Representatives for the State of Iowa which would guarantee the rights of the Second Amendment in the face of any potential declared state of emergency.  In most states in the country, a declared state of emergency effectively holds normally granted constitutional rights such as the freedom to be searched only with a warrant or even the freedom to speak or assemble.  This bill would at least guarantee that the Second Amendment holds solid throughout any potential “what if” scenario, according to the Washington Times.

I don’t want Iowans’ constitutional rights to be arbitrarily undermined by this administration or any future administration,” Rep. Matt Windschitl, R-Missouri Valley, said. “I’m not saying that it would happen, but sometimes we have to protect against the ‘what-ifs’ out there.”

This proposed bill, if passed, clearly specifies that state officials do not have the power to prohibit or unduly regulate the possession of firearms in the event of public disorder or disaster emergency.  Opponents shot back with saying this bill would be unhelpful to police and law enforcement tasked with keeping the peace during an emergency and the division in just the House Judiciary Committee already appears to be an omen of a terse fight ahead.

While seemingly outlandish in the eyes of many, when either natural or man-made disaster strikes we need to be prepared.  In the dissolution of law and civilized society, which can often occur under tumultuous circumstances, the ability to retain our constitutional rights is even more important.  Too often in other countries and sometimes even within the United States, we see government authorities idly calling states of emergency which place law abiding gun owners and concealed carriers in jeopardy.

These measures, if combated publicly and legislatively, show promise for the continuance of a democratic society of whose laws we may abide.  However, as with anything political and legislative in nature, we must harden our hearts to the possibility that such declarations of continued freedom hold sound in the face of fear and disorder.