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Marijuana Patients Can't Buy Guns

Marijuana Patients Can’t Buy Guns

Federal appeals court agrees to ban gun sales to medical marijuana patients

Public sentiment about marijuana use as medication is slowly changing, but the government's view isn't changing along with society's views. Not only did the FDA refuse to reclassify marijuana out of the Schedule 1 category of the hardest drugs that includes heroin and cocaine, a…
The Future of the Gun Industry with Trump

HEART Act Bill Takes Away Parent’s Rights to Train Kids With Guns

Proposed bill is viewed as a threat against Second Amendment rights

A bill proposed by two Democrats threatens parental choice in allowing the training of kids with guns. The Help End Assault Rifle Tragedies (HEART) Act gun ban was introduced by Senator Edward J. Markey (D-MA) and Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) in July. They state that…
SAF Fires Back at Jeh Johnson's Gun Control Statement

Second Amendment Foundation Fires Back at Homeland Security Secretary’s ‘Gun Control’ Statement

Johnson believes gun control is "critical element" in protecting US from terrorists

The Second Amendment Foundation is outspoken on matters of government and its seemingly unrelenting course to propose stricter gun control measures on the American people. The most recent involves Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who quips that gun control is a "critical element"…
Maine Restaurant Owner Won't Serve Gun Supporters

Maine Restaurant Owner Won’t Serve Gun Supporters

Own an AR-15? Your money's not welcome at this Maine restaurant.

You don't even have to be carrying a gun, you just have to support an individual's right to own a gun, and that's enough for one Portland, Maine, restaurant owner to deny you service. The Facebook post made by the owner of two restaurants, Anne…
Massachusetts Sued Over Gun Laws

Massachusetts Gun Dealers Feeling Assault Weapon Crackdown

"Massachusetts compliant" copycat gun ban on AR-15

While people's attention was diverted by the Republican National Convention in Ohio, Massachusetts quietly implemented a new gun restriction that bans "copycat assault weapons." The office of Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey sent out a notice on July 20 that the sale of assault weapons is…
Hilary Clinton Donald Trump gun control

What the Presidential Candidates Say About Guns

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's own words on gun control

As of now, voters have narrowed the presidential race to two candidates: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Have you decided who you will vote for yet? Gun control is not the only issue that is important to voters, but it is certainly at the top. ABC…