Ways to Customize a Ruger 10-22

Ways to customize a Ruger-1022

When you want to make a gun all your own to shoot the way you need it to, the best choice is the Ruger 10-22. This gun is one of the most customizable guns on the market today. The following are just some of the ways you can customize it to be a great gun for hunting or just target shooting.

Replace the Wood Stock with Composite

Don’t like the wood stock? No problem. You can switch it out with composite stock. This makes it much more attractive for hunters. The bonus is it doesn’t cost a lot of money to swap it out.

Add a Collapsible Butt Stock

To make your Ruger 10-22 look tactical, you can always add a collapsible butt stock. This is every hunter’s dream, and it’s easy with this gun. It’s easy to find at any local gun shop or online, and it won’t deplete your bank account.

Add Magazines

One of the biggest frustrations for hunters is having to stop and reload. Don’t miss a perfect shot; add magazines to this gun easily to carry more rounds. With the added magazines, you can fire away to increase your chances of making the kill or hitting your target.

Choose Optical or Laser Dot Sites

Adding sites to your Ruger 10-22 is a must for hunters and target shooters. The problem is that there are many of them to choose from such as optical and laser. The best way to choose the sites that will help you achieve the greatest accuracy is researching them online and then seeing if you can try out the ones you believe will help you out the most.

Consider a Pistol Grip

If you’re considering the Ruger 10-22 for personal security, consider the pistol grip. It allows you to shoot from the hip, which improves stability and accuracy. Many owners decide to have this added to their gun because it allows them to use it for more than just hunting and target shooting. You might as well because it doesn’t cost a lot and it gives you another way to use it.

Investing in the Ruger 10-22

If you’re looking for a gun that will allow you to customize it to the way you want and use it in many different ways, consider investing in the Ruger 10-22. You will be highly impressed with its versatility and quality for many years.