This Is Why More Women Are Carrying Guns

Any wonder why more women are carrying?

woman wearing goggles with one eye closed aiming a handgun

Almost every women has been in a situation in which she was afraid because a man was angry. Some women have even experienced having a man with a gun being upset with her. This is even more frightening.

The statistics show that being a female increases the risk of being stalked or sexually assaulted. Research shows that 90 percent of homicides and 92.1 percent of gun homicides between 1980 and 2008 were committed by men. To level out the playing field, women have decided to take it upon themselves to learn how to use a gun and carry one. Self-defense is one of the main motivations for gun ownership.

What’s interesting is that as the number of female gun owners are increasing, the number of men owning guns is decreasing. This may be due to the perception that there are more men carrying guns with the increase in gun sales over the years. The real reason for the increase in gun sales is not because more men are carrying, but because more gun owners are buying additional guns.

Research reveals women gun owners are more likely to own a single handgun. For women, they simply want a gun to protect themselves, not a collection of guns to show off to their friends. In a GQ article entitled “Why Women Own Guns,” an interviewee was asked about her decision to carry a gun: “Guns are like . . . guns are like birth-control pills. They’re a dime a dozen, and there are so many variables among women. If you pick up one and it doesn’t work for you, you try another one.”

Why More Women Are Carrying Guns

Women report they feel better able to deal with the dangers that come along with living. Young women, mothers, and even older women feel more confident walking down the street when they have a gun in their purse. They know if anyone (man or woman) were to try to assault her, she can protect herself with her gun and the skills she learned through her safety training class.

It can be frightening outside during the night time or day time in secluded areas. Simply jogging can turn into a dangerous venture that could result in rape. However, when you have a gun hidden in your bra, side, or under the arm, you have something that can be pulled out at a moment’s notice in case something happens. It’s just reassurance that if a gun is pulled, there can be another gun pulled, too.