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Crime Of Passion Or Self Defense?

Dangerous triangle among roommates.

We've been posting a lot of "murder or self-defense" stories lately. It's food for thought and also helps us remember that there are times when it is not in our own best interests to use our gun. Even if we're armed and trained, we can…
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Oklahoma Man Uses AR-15 to Kill 3 Home Intruders

Oklahoma is a stand your ground state.

Oklahoma has stand your ground laws, which means that a person has some justification for using deadly force if they feel they need to protect themselves, their property or their loved ones while in their home. If you are in your home and are met…
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Don’t Underestimate the Risks of Using Your Gun

Only you can make the right choice.

We've heard a few stories lately of people who felt that they were "defending" themselves only to end up facing a murder charge. Here's another example. Why do we tell you about these stories? We don't want Guns Today readers to end up killing someone and…
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This Is Why More Women Are Carrying Guns

Any wonder why more women are carrying?

Almost every women has been in a situation in which she was afraid because a man was angry. Some women have even experienced having a man with a gun being upset with her. This is even more frightening. The statistics show that being a female increases…

Armed Motorist Saves His Own Life By Returning Fire On Gang

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- A man was parked outside a residential home having a discussion with another person when thugs ambushed his car and opened fire on him. He was reportedly hit once in the side and sustained a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. The victim quickly got…

Fox News: “How To Avoid A Home Invasion” — How About We Prepare Instead?

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Three armed burglaries in one weekend has placed residents in Colorado Springs on edge.  FOX 21 did an exclusive where reporter Macy Egeland spoke to Lt. Catherine Buckley at the Colorado Springs Police Department on tips to avoiding a home invasion…