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Sig Sauer P320 Compact

Army Announces New Gun to Replace M9 Service Pistol

A long-awaited decision is finally made.

Sig Sauer was the lucky winner of a government contract worth $580 million to begin making the next Army service pistol. Glock, FN America and Beretta were in the running along with Sig Sauer for the contract to supply guns for the MHS (Modular Handgun…
Camilla Rifle by Weatherby

More New Products From SHOT Show

Concealment guns and beautiful new rifles.

The cool thing, well, one cool thing among many about SHOT Show, is that it is not open to the general public. It is the largest trade show of its kind in the world and you must be either a media member, retailer, wholesaler, or…

Gifts for Gun Lovers: Magazines and Scopes from Brownells

Who wouldn't want these gifts?

Brownells has added a few new items to its catalog, and two of them would make great gifts for gun lovers Magpul PMAG Magazines for Glock Image of PMAG courtesy of Brownells.com These polymer magazines fit popular Glocks and offer extra capacity compared to standard magazines. Extended pistol magazines…
Underwater lionfish hunting with a Glock Handgun

Underwater Lionfish Hunting with a Glock Handgun

No limit on this catch and the gun gives it a twist.

Florida hunters don’t just stay on land during hunting season. Some of them take to the water, and now they can take their Glock with them. Yes, it’s true. In Florida, lionfish are in abundance, so many fishermen/hunters enjoy the sport of hunting them. The…
hand firing a handgun with bullet casing shooting out and flash

Mass. Attorney General Questions Remington and Glock Safety Features

Healey scrutinizes major gun manufacturers in probe

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has safety concerns over guns manufactured by Remington Arms and Glock. She wants to further investigate firearms she deems “prone to accidental discharge." She wonders if the gun makers knew about the defects but failed to correct them, Boston Globe…
Here's why law enforcement officers like Glocks

Why Law Enforcement Chooses Glock

The Glock continues to be the top choice

If there’s one weapon law enforcement uses the most, it’s the Glock. This gun, named after engineer Gaston Glock, the founder of the company, has been the backup weapon of police officers and security guards for years, and it’ll continue to trump all other pistols…