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Nationwide Manhunt for Steve Stephens - Be Alert

Update: Nationwide Manhunt Suspect Kills Himself

Steve Stephens has a concealed carry license.

Update: Steve Stephens has killed himself following a brief pursuit in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State Police say that Stephens was spotted in Erie, Pennsylvania, about 100 miles east of Cleveland, where the original shooting incident occurred. Authorities tried to pull him over but he shot himself. What…
screenshots from a facebook video

Guy Shoots Dinner Guest While Facebook Filming

Most unpleasant dinner party award winner?

We're trying to figure out how a man accidentally shot his friend while filming the incident for a Facebook video. The 30-year-old guy, Steven Leannais, says he's very sorry and the shooting was an accident. But something about his story doesn't quite add up. A few…
Guns Being Sold on Facebook

Guns Being Sold on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook's new sales section has some issues.

Would you buy a gun from someone on Facebook? A new section of the site called Facebook Marketplace seems to make that possible, at least in the future. Facebook recently opened a new section of their social network called Marketplace. This area is for people who…
Facebook Founder Questioned About Gun Sales

Facebook Founder Questioned About Gun Sales

Mark Zuckerberg fields questions from Sen. Markey

News outlets are reporting that the sniper in the Dallas shootings targeting police officers previously arranged to buy an AK-47 over Facebook. As a result, on Wednesday Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey took the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to task over the social media site's position…