Mandatory Sig Sauer Recall and Replacement

Sig MCX rifles are affected by a parts replacement.

Sig Sauer Recall

Sig Sauer announced a “MCX Mandatory Carriage Assembly Replacement Program.” These are fancy words to say that they are recalling and replacing all of these assemblies.

Sig Sauer’s website says the instances are rare but the results show that “a condition may exist causing an unintended discharge.” It says it’s rare and hard to replicate but it could happen.

Instructions are to “Stop use of firearm immediately, and visit the Sig Sauer website ( as soon as possible to register your firearm, initiate the process and view a video explaining how to change out your carriage assembly. Sig will send you a prepaid box to return your complete carriage assembly to the factory. A new assembly, designed with the firing pin locking mechanism, will be shipped out to you within 5-7 working days of the receipt of your parts at no cost to you. Please note total in transit times will vary based on geographic locations. SIG will also send you a $50 gift voucher for any inconvenience this may have caused. This upgraded carriage assembly addresses this potential issue while enhancing the performance and longevity of your rifle. You may also contact Sig Sauer customer service at the number below with any questions if needed.” The customer service number is (603) 610-3000.

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