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Early Release Domestic Violence Shooter Had 64 Guns

Early Release Domestic Violence Shooter Had 64 Guns

Judge regrets his decision to let him out early.

The system fails people. We all know it. But sometimes the cases in which the system fails people also fail explanation. In this case in Newark, Ohio, a judge is regretting his decision to let a man out of jail on early release after he…
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Republican Iowa Governor Argues Against Gun Rights Bill

The NRA supports it, why doesn't she?

What's going on when the NRA supports a gun rights bill but a city's Republican governor doesn't? Pleasant Hill, Iowa governor Sara Kurovski argued on February 27 at the Iowa statehouse against a gun rights bill that is making its way through the Iowa house. What's…
Women Need to Take On Combat Roles

Army Lieutenant Encourages Military Women to Enter Combat Roles

Ernst stresses that women should take the opportunity.

Sen. Joni Ernst, the first female combat veteran to serve in the United States Senate, is encouraging women to enter combat roles. A small number of female service members are able to fulfill this type of role adequately, but Ernst underscores the importance of women…

Iowa House Pushes To Ensure Gov’t Can’t Restrict Gun Rights

Bill guarantees 2nd Amendment Rights even in emergency.

Amongst a three-member panel from the House Judiciary Committee, a bill was passed and cleared for the House of Representatives for the State of Iowa which would guarantee the rights of the Second Amendment in the face of any potential declared state of emergency.  In…