Illinois Firearm Group Says New Domestic Violence Bill Unfairly Targets Gun Owners

The proposed bill may disarm thousands

semi-automatic handgun

A new state bill is suspected to be the work of gun control extremists lurking in the shadows.

The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) has released a statement chiding the proposed HB3160 (The Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act) that the Illinois General Assembly is pondering.

The ISRA reveals that the “very controversial gun control bill” would essentially redefine “domestic violence” in uncertain terms,  broaden the definition of “domestic partner,” and reclassify scores of law-abiding Illinois citizens as ineligible to own firearms.

According to the statement on the ISRA website, the proposed bill would allow a gun owner’s family members or anyone sharing a common dwelling to ask for a restraining order if they think the individual to be a danger to themselves or others.

The proposition might be more than an attempt to help domestic violence victims.

HB3160 is presented as a relief to domestic violence victims, but the ISRA asserts that it’s a pressure tactic by gun control extremists to disarm a vast number of Illinois hunters and sportsmen.

Their Action Alert states, HB 3160 “defines ‘family member’ to spouse, parent, child, step-child, or any other person related by blood or present marriage who shares a common dwelling.” The expansion of this definition means incidents and people that previously went unnoticed for restrictions will now be considered.

According to a recent press release, ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson states that every legislature backing HB3160 “harbors a deeper hatred for gun owners than they do sympathy for victims of domestic violence.”

He insists that the gun control bill is “just bad public policy, plain and simple.” He argues that the bill would re-write gun laws, resulting in the 2nd Amendment being at risk in the state — and specifically targeting sportsmen and hunters.

Every proposed bill has other potential impacts.

Proponents of the bill believe that removing a would-be criminal’s access to firearms would be permitted if HB3160 passes. They claim this could be effective if, for example, warnings of suspected mass shooting were reported early enough.

Gun advocates are vehemently opposed to the legislation, convinced gun control extremists are being manipulative and finding ways to strip responsible firearms owners of their weapons with such broad and arbitrary language.

Gun owners must be aware of proposed legislation that may, directly or indirectly, affect their ability to own and purchase firearms.

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