Guy Shoots Dinner Guest While Facebook Filming

Most unpleasant dinner party award winner?

screenshots from a facebook video

We’re trying to figure out how a man accidentally shot his friend while filming the incident for a Facebook video.

The 30-year-old guy, Steven Leannais, says he’s very sorry and the shooting was an accident. But something about his story doesn’t quite add up. A few days ago. Leannais was hosting a dinner party at his home on Cleveland, Ohio. While at the dinner, guests say attendees at the party had taken turns loading a gun and pointing it at the camera while a live feed was posted to Facebook.

The video shows a liquor bottle passed around. At one point. a male guest puts the gun in Leannis’s mouth. Just moments after the Facebook feed ended, Leannis grabs the gun and pulls the trigger, striking the victim, 27-year-old Anthony Stanford. Leannis is charged because he fired the gun. His blood alcohol level was 0.058 three hours after the incident. In Ohio, the limit of blood alcohol for driving is 0.08. If his blood alcohol limit was at that level three hours after the shooting, is it fair to assume he was intoxicated past the legal level at the time of the shooting? Does that make the shooting unintentional, as his lawyers argue? Leannis called 911 and Stanford was taken to a hospital, but he did not survive his injuries.

Here’s where the story doesn’t add up…in the video, Leannis assured viewers and fellow dinner guests that the gun was unloaded with no clip in it. Was it an oversight that there was still one bullet in the chamber?

Leannis bond is set at $10,000. Leannis has never been convicted of a felony before and agreed to give up any guns he still had and surrendering his concealed carry license. He was also ordered to have no contact with any witnesses to the shooting. Stanford, a father of five, was a maintenance worker and trained children in boxing, his mother said. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again folks…drinking and guns don’t mix.