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Father Learns Hardest Lesson About Gun Safety

And he's now facing felonies.

This is one of the saddest stories we have heard. If the report is to be believed, a father is facing felonies after accidentally shooting his 9-year-old daughter while trying to teach her gun safety. This Indiana father, Eric Hummel, 33 years old, fatally shot…
Accidental Gun Misfires and Gun Malfunctions Pose Safety Risk

Accidental Gun Misfires and Gun Malfunctions Pose Safety Risk

Always be cautious!

We recently read two stories on the same day about gun misfires and malfunctions. One was that a man in Vero Beach, Florida was shot and injured by a malfunctioning gun at a gun range on a Monday afternoon in April.  The second was that…
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NY Hunting Accident Man Pleads Guilty

He killed his sister-in-law.

The Livingston County News reports that a Rochester, New York, man pleaded guilty to one county of criminally negligent homicide. The incident took place in November 2016 while they pair were out hunting. John Lander, 50, plea bargained and is expected to serve four months of…
High Gun Sales, Low Gun Accident Rates

High Gun Sales, Low Gun Accident Rates

...among the things the media doesn't want you to know.

The National Safety Council has released new statistics related to gun safety. The results might surprise you. According to 2015 statics in the group's "Injury Facts" report, there were 489 accidental gun deaths. The Washington Examiner reports that record-keeping on these types of accidents began in 1903.…
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Hunting Accident Claims Life of Young Girl

11-year-old girl was hunting with family members.

New reports from Georgetown, South Carolina, are talking about this tragic accident. Not much information was released at first about the accident that claimed the life of Anna Grace Cook. We now know a little more. Anna Cook was hunting with her grandfather and uncle when…