Don’t Get So Drunk You Shoot Your Own Dog

Can we agree that target practice in your home is a bad idea?

image of man who shot his dog while drunk

A Utah man apparently got so drunk a few days ago that he shot his dog. The man in Tooele, Utah, named Carey Collins told police he got drunk and fired off his gun in his house. The firing accidentally shot his dog, a black lab, killing it.

The guy said he was “having target practice inside his home” when he shot the gun off. His set up was a target in his backyard that he was shooting at from inside his living room, through an open door. And, he was drunk. Police are calling it “very irresponsible and dangerous.” Ya think?!

Not only is it illegal to shot a firearm inside city limits, but we all know that bullets can travel with a lot of velocity over a long distance. They can pass through walls. This has apparently happened before to this man, Collins. About a month before this incident, Collins had the police called to his home because he had shot a 30-30 through his wall while he was “drunk and playing around.” He also had bragged to the police (according to a neighbor) that he had shot at a water heater with a .45 caliber handgun in his basement.

Collins said he was sorry about the dog, and that it was an accident. What do you think should happen to guys who do this sort of stupid stuff with their guns?

Image taken from news report of the incident.