Colt Introduces New 1911 Gold Cup Pistol

Elite sport shooting.

Colt Gold Cup Trophy New pistol

This week there are going to be a lot of reports of new guns that were announced last week and over the weekend at the NRA meeting in Atlanta. Here’s one that was announced just before the NRA meeting.

Colt has added to its Gold Cup Line with the new 1911 Gold Cup Trophy pistol. The gun has been updated with a number of features that make it ideally appealing to the high-performance competitive shooter.

“Everything about this pistol was designed to make it an affordable option for the professional competitor to engage in the most elite shooting match in the world,” says Mark Redl, Team Colt shooter and product manager for Colt. Redl says the new Gold Cup Trophy came under development when he decided to compete in the Bianchi Cup.

Upgrades were added in to the Gold Cup’s original design that were all intended to up the performance quotient. For instance, the new pistol has an undercut trigger guard and an upswept beavertail grip safety. This means that the shooter can grip higher up on the gun. Recoil was managed more effectively with the Colt Dual Spring Recoil System. 25-line-per-inch checkering on the front and backstrap gives the user a better grip.

The original model used a Series 80 firing system. The new Gold Cup Trophy uses a Series 70 firing system, which has less moving parts. As with all high-performance shooting guns, this one comes with a much higher price tag than your typical pistol. It retails at $1,700. But, if shooting performance is your game, this is a pistol you’re going to want to check out. Both the .45 and the 9mm are available for that same price. Check out more of the specs on the Colt site.

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