Australian Man Sentenced for Smuggling Glocks

Think twice before gun smuggling!

Australian Man Sentenced for Smuggling Glocks

Khoder Elali, a 32-year-old based in Sydney, Australia, was the spearhead of an international arms smuggling operation. Elali is a married father of of two who apparently used PhotoShop to alter an Australian Department of Defence export form to make it look legitimate.

The altered form fooled authorities into thinking he had permission to import gun parts from Germany and other countries into Australia. the fake form was forwarded to gun sellers in Germany, the United States and Switzerland, which allowed him to import 129 semi-automatic Glock handguns. The raid culminated in his arrest after a year-long undercover operation by NSW Police Firearms and Organised Crime Squad (New South Wales) He tried but failed to import a Glock 18, which even NSW police aren’t allowed to use. The Glocks that he illegally imported were estimated to have a street value of up to $1.9 million.

Needless to say, Elali got away with it for a year, but he was eventually caught. He’s now facing 13 to 17 years in jail after his sentence was handed down in March 18, 2017. The judge gave him a harsh sentence because of the “type of firearms involved and the ‘inevitability’ that they would fall into the hands of criminals.”

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