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How the Gun Industry is Responding to the “Trump Slump”

What's in store for gun people this year.

All the danger signs of an industry slump are out there right now...gun stocks are plunging since Donald Trump became president. CNN's Money program said gun stocks were "tanking." The fear of restricted access to guns  meant that a lot more people were buying guns…
Is Remington Avoiding Responsibility for Gun Defect?

Is Remington Avoiding Responsibility for Gun Defect?

The gun maker is in the hot seat with class-action lawsuit.

A 60 Minutes program that aired on February 19, 2017  held gun maker Remington to the coals. Correspondent Lesley Stahl did an expose on a sad incident in which a 15-year-old man from Mississippi, Zac Stringer, loaded his Remington 700 rifle with the stated intention…
New Remington 700 Magpul Rifle

The New 700 Magpul Rifle from Remington

Remington rifles using the Model 700 action

We're still sifting through the guns we learned about at SHOT Show 2017. The famed Remington company recently introduced the 700 Magpul Rifle, which they had on display there. This is  a beauty of a rifle finished in black Cerakote. a 22-inch heavy free-floated barrel…
Remington Announces New Model 700 AWR Rifle

New Remington Model 700 AWR Rifle

24-inch American Wilderness Rifle

Remington just announced its new Model 700 AWR American Wilderness Rifle. The Model 700 features a black Cerakote finish, a free-floated 24-inch 5R barrel and stainless steel action. Grayboe stock. Starting at $1,150, this looks like a sharp gun.
Remington Releases New RP9 Handgun

Remington Releases New RP9 Handgun

Control and shootability in the new model.

Remington's new RP9 offers features that appeal to a large group of gun buyers. Designing it with the smallest circumference of the full-size grip frame gives shooters more control and ensures that more shooters with a variety of hand sizes can hold it comfortably. Specs of…