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This Study Says That Some Gun Control Laws Cause *More* Deaths

The British medical journal, the Lancet, published a study where they conclude that if the federal government expanded background checks and required every firearm to be registered, it would account for a whopping 90% reduction in gun deaths. Dr. David Hemenway, who sits in a…
Mother Shoots Home Intruder to Protect Family Underscores Importance of Right to Bear Arms

Virginia’s New Concealed Carry Reciprocity to Start February 1

Virginia Has Cut Agreements With 25 States

Since the time of this article’s posting, the changes to reciprocity listed in this article have been changed and postponed by the Governor of Virginia. Please click here and read this announcement from the Governor's Office to learn more. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring will end the…
SAF Fires Back at Jeh Johnson's Gun Control Statement

President Says Executive Orders ‘Will Be Consistent with the Second Amendment’

New Gun Control Initiatives Set to Roll Out

President Obama shed some light on executive orders he plans to roll out in the coming days when it comes to gun control. It's a move that's guaranteed to light some fires. The President plans to announce a list of initiatives he sees fit as part…
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New Texas Open Carry Law Explained By Firearms Instructor

Texas Firearm Instructor Talks About House Bill 910 And What it Means

The new open carry bill that took effect on Jan. 1 in Texas is being better explained by a firearms instructor. House Bill 910 essentially means anyone with a concealed carry license doesn't have to hide their pistols, but they'll still have to be holstered. Roy Balli,…
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New Ordinance Bans Replica Guns In Public Spaces Throughout Boston

Police Will Seize Fake Guns Not Properly Marked

An ordinance banning replica guns throughout out the city of Boston is being signed by Mayor Martin J. Walsh. The ban will outlaw replica handguns in public spaces. Mayor Walsh is signing the new ordinance at Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury. Those attending the replica guns…