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#WinWithWalther Dominates 2017 Missouri State Championship

#WinWithWalther Dominates 2017 Missouri State Championship

The next winner could be you if you shoot with a Walther!

Walther Arms, Inc. continues their promise to pay competitors using Walther Arms products in the competition shooting space. “As the competition year continues we are seeing a heavy increase in participants winning with Walther products. The program is exciting and offers competitors cash for placing…

5 Ways Skeletonized AR-15s Change The Game

Do They Really Enhance The Shooting Experience Or Just Look Cool?

If you've been following Demolition Ranch on YouTube, you likely saw a pretty candid introduction of the latest craze: skeletonized AR-15s.  "Skeletonized" refers to manufacturers and gun makers taking out any excess metal in the frame of a gun until it only has the bare…