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Suppressor with the adapter required to hold it on a rifle

SHUSH Act Takes on Suppressor Issues

Utah and Idaho sponsor Senate bills.

Utah and Idaho lawmakers are taking on the issue of gun suppressors head on. Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee and Idaho Republican Senator Mike Crapo along with Republican Iowa Representative Steve King have proposed legislation that would regulate suppressors as over-the-counter firearms accessories. What is currently required is…
Hunting shotguns on haystack while halt during sunrise, soft focus on shutgun butt. Main focus is on breech block

Are Cheaper Hearing Aids a Threat to Hunters?

We think there's more going on here.

ABC News is reporting that a gun rights group is organizing opposition to a proposal to lower the cost of hearing aids. A bipartisan group of senators introduced the measure, that is unnamed in the very short article we're seeing.  It says the bill would allow…
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SilencerCo. Creates Handgun with Built-In Suppressor

In an age when the suppressor is slowly gaining acceptance, a handgun has emerged to change the game.

The Maxim 9, built by suppressor- brand SilencerCo, is a 9mm handgun with a 15-round magazine. On most accounts seemingly normal. But the built-in suppressor is what sets the piece apart. The handgun shoots all 9mm ammunition and is built for daily carry and use. The…