New Gear From SureFire – Gun Lights, Keychain Lights

Lights are good!

Surefire Scout gun lights

SureFire LLC, manufacturer of innovative illumination tools and tactical products, has announced seven new configurations of their popular Scout Light series of weaponlights. These new configurations have several combinations of new options including the ADM quick disconnect throw lever mount or RM45 off-set mount, and all options include dual switches, for both push button and pressure switch activation, and remote pressure switches. Compact and extremely powerful, the Scout Light series of lights minimizes added weight, frees up rail space for other accessories, and increases weapon maneuverability compared to larger WeaponLights. The new lights range from 3 volts to 6 volts with DS07 Switch assemblies and ADM Weapon mounts, or thumbscrew mounts, or offset mounts for $476.19.

Surefire also released the Sidekick in new colors. The Sidekick is now available in white and pink. This is an ultra-compact, 300 lumen LED light that attaches to keys. IT’s a solid piece, and not a flimsy mini flashlight that breaks the first time you drop your keys. Also, it’s rechargeable, so it’s always available and, most importantly, ready for everyday use and emergencies. This tiny, lightweight light, which can also be carried in a pocket or purse, is easily rechargeable via its micro-USB port using a vehicle or wall charger. The Sidekick is available for $80.

Surefire Scout Lights

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