Elvis’s Revolvers Are Still Rockin’

Collector pays huge sum for beautiful antiques.

Elvis's Smith & Wesson Model 19-2 double-action revolver

The inventory of the Rock Island Auction Co. firearms auction held in early May included two revolvers formerly owned by Elvis Presley. These aren’t just any revolvers, however. They are lavishly engraved and inlaid and are beautiful specimens that “The King” supposedly treasured.

The guns were offered as part of a larger collection of items that also belonged to the beloved performer, including a diamond and ruby-studded Shelby County sheriff’s badge and the contract to purchase Graceland, signed by Elvis himself.

The guns brought in some big-gun bidders and higher than usual crowds. Many other remarkable gun items were offered for sale, including a deluxe Winchester Model 1873 that netted $46,000. This amount was $10,000 more than its estimate. But it was when the Elvis items were brought out that the crowd really warmed up.

The Smith & Wesson Model 19-2 double-action revolver came out first, and it sold for $195,500. Elvis’s Colt Python double-action revolver was sold for $172,500. Both of these guns beat the previous auction records for sales of these models. The King is said to have personally purchased both of those guns in Beverly Hills, California,, and then sent them to Germany to be decorated with the elaborate engraving and inlaying. One of the guns (not sure which) was presented to Vice President Spiro Agnew as a gift but was returned a short time later due to Agnew being investigated for corruption.

That diamond and ruby-studded sheriff’s badge? It sold for a respectable $40,250 and the Graceland contract sold for $43,125.

Elvis's Colt Python double-action revolver
Elvis’s Colt Python double-action revolver


Photos from antiquesandthearts.com