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University of Texas Campus Carry Ban

Texas Reaches One Million Plus Concealed Carry Holders

1,017,618 to be exact

In the second largest state in the union, more than one million are now licensed for concealed carry. Out of Texas's nearly 27 million people, numbers show that as of April 30, 2016, 1,017,618 of them are concealed carry permit holders. Open carry has only been legal in…

Armed Motorist Saves His Own Life By Returning Fire On Gang

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- A man was parked outside a residential home having a discussion with another person when thugs ambushed his car and opened fire on him. He was reportedly hit once in the side and sustained a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. The victim quickly got…
Mother Shoots Home Intruder to Protect Family Underscores Importance of Right to Bear Arms

Virginia’s New Concealed Carry Reciprocity to Start February 1

Virginia Has Cut Agreements With 25 States

Since the time of this article’s posting, the changes to reciprocity listed in this article have been changed and postponed by the Governor of Virginia. Please click here and read this announcement from the Governor's Office to learn more. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring will end the…

Virginia Announces Changes to Permit Reciprocity Agreements

Concealed handgun permits Issued from 25 states are affected.

The Attorney General of Virginia, Mark R. Herring, recently conducted a review of the state's concealed carry permit reciprocity agreements and decided changes must be made. This review ended with Virginia deciding that 25 states did not meet required reciprocity standards. Virginia will not recognize concealed…
students on campus

College Students in Kansas Prepare for Concealed Carry on Campus

Students Could Carry Without Registration or Training

College students in Kansas are preparing for anyone over the age of 21 owning a gun to be allowed to legally carry concealed on campus without a permit — or having proper training in how to discharge a firearm. Attitudes of students is being surveyed on…

Concealed Carry Voted In By Michigan Senate Panel

Proposed Bill 'Compromises' Open Carry Law

A Senate panel approved a bill that would allow concealed carry weapons in schools and other areas that currently prohibit the practice in Michigan. In Lansing, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in 4-1 on Senate Bills 442 and 561. Both bills are packages, which "compromise legislation…