Brownells and Smith & Wesson Create “All American Dream Gun”

New gun has an American theme.

Brownell's All American Dream Gun with a Stars and Stripes theme

In mid-January, Brownells, a source for guns, parts and accessories, and Smith & Wesson, the iconic gun maker that recently changed its company name to American Outdoor Brands, have teamed up on a new gun. Following the theme of the company changing its name to “American,” the new gun has stars on the barrel and red and blue stylized stripes on the handle.

The new gun uses the newly-released Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 4.2-inch pistol chambered for a 9mm. Brownells then used its accessories to customize four parts of the firearm: the trigger, sights, silence and the overall look of the gun, giving it a patriotic theme.

Brownells left the trigger alone and instead replaced the trigger shoe with an Apex Tactical Specialities AEK trigger for a more consistent pull. Brownells adapted the slide to accept a Trijicon RMR LED sight with a 6.5 MOA red dot. Browns replaced the gun’s barrel with an Apex Tactical Specialties 4.25-inch Drop-In Threaded barrel to accommodate the GemTech Lunar-45 Suppressor. Finally, Brownells used the colors and style of “Old Glory” to create a truly patriotic gun.

“The All American Dream Gun is a tribute to the great American spirit of freedom and independence,” said Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells. “As America heads in the right direction, it only seems right that two American companies – Brownells and Smith & Wesson – team up on a project like this one. We’re very proud of this firearm and we invite folks to come by our booths at trade shows to check it out.”

Matt Buckingham, President of Smith & Wesson Firearms said, “Personalizing firearms is an exciting aspect of firearms ownership. We were happy to provide Brownells with the opportunity to see the M&P M2.0 pistol early and allow their creative genius to take over.”

The gun debuted at SHOT Show 2017’s Industry Day at the Range and was on display at Brownell’s booth at SHOT Show. In real life, the barrel color was closer to brown than what it looks like in the press photo they provided (below). The photo from the website has a more tru color scheme. Brownells has a page on their site specifically about all of their “Dream Guns,” and this “All American Dream Gun” in particular. Smith & Wesson has a page just about the M&P.

Images courtesy Brownells