Black Friday Biggest Day of the Year for Gun Sales

Big discounts push gun shopping.

Can the Mentally Ill Buy Guns Now?

Multiple news outlets, such as CNN and Independent Journal Review, report that from New York to Jacksonville, Florida, Black Friday was the biggest shopping day for guns seen yet this year.

Steep discounts of up to 75% were pushing people to buy guns. An interesting result of the Trump presidency is that some people predicted an increase on gun buying if Clinton won. Others predict that since Trump won, people will be in less of a hurry to purchase guns. So far, the slowdown in guns sales due to a Trump presidency do not seem to be coming true. Perhaps it’s just the steep discounts, but gun sales are so far booming.

A gun store in Jacksonville, Florida, had advertised sale prices of up to 75% off. A Cabela’s advertisement that ran across the country shows the “lowest sale price of the year” on DPMS Oracle semiautomatic tactical rifles. The sale price of that gun was $499.99, down from a regular price of $599.99. (Is anyone else annoyed by the $99.99 figures in prices? Just round up to the next dollar already!) LI Outdoorsman, a gun shop on Long Island, advertised discounts of 10 to 50%. This gun store owner reported having sold 15 guns on Black Friday before the day was over. He sells two or three on a normal shopping day.