Best In Show Award at SHOT Show 2017 Goes to Newcomer

It's an amazing gun and it shows.

Best In Show Award at SHOT Show 2017 Goes to Newcomer

We met representatives of Hudson Manufacturing at the 2017 SHOT Show. The new Hudson H9 pistol debuted at SHOT Show 2017 during Industry Day at the Range. It’s a different type of pistol, and it won “Best in Show” at the SHOT Show. This is surprising for a couple of reasons.

First, Hudson just recently began making this gun. They’re a new company. It’s unheard of for a brand new gun to take this award. Second, it’s different enough that a lot of people are noticing. The H9 is essentially a full-sized striker-fired 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a 1911 trigger that has a .115-inch travel. The look is different, because it has a different nose profile, low bore axis, accessory rail, 15-shot double stack magazine and a striker-fire design. Loaded, the gun weighs 42.6 ounces with a trigger pull weight of 4.75 up to 5 pounds. The gun retails for $1,147.

The Hudson H9 comes standard with VZ grips, a Trijicon front sight, and a lower backstrap designed and made by Hogue Inc. out go G10 material. It is coated in black nitride finish and manufactured in Texas. The difference in look is not just cosmetic. The front end of the pistol allows the recoil spring and the barrel to be placed closer to the hand. The striker-fire design along with the barrel placement and recoil spring create a very low bore axis. This limits the recoil, making it a lot more manageable. This makes for a more accurate shot and more accurate follow up shots. Learn more about the Hudson H9 and watch a video featuring the gun and a well-done take on the evolution of weapons at

  • Specifications:
    Name: Hudson H9
    Caliber: 9mmLength: 7.625″
    Width: 1.24
    Height: 5.225″
    Barrel Length: 4.28″
    Trigger pull: 4.75 to 5 lbs
    Weight: 34 oz (No Mag)
    Trigger Travel:  .115″

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