A Preview of SHOT Show 2017

The industry's main event is coming up.

SHOT Show 2017 Preview

We’re heading to SHOT Show in Las Vegas next week and we are prepared to come back with all the big outdoor, hunting and firearm news that is going to keep feeding your hunger for information about guns throughout 2017.

We’re excited about SHOT Show because it’s the premier place to meet other people in the industry. Be sure to keep tabs on our Guns Today Facebook page as we’re going to be posting photos and updates throughout the two days we’re there….Thursday January 19 and Friday January 20.

We’re going to be looking for new products to tell you about, new gear, YouTube video channels you might want to check out and all kinds of resources. This show is just huge, so we’re going to be coming back with lots of content for you. There are so many companies at SHOT SHOW both big and small. And not just firearms. The name stands for Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show and it is organized by The National Shooting Sports Foundation. There’s a lot going on at this event.

While we love blogging our hearts out at Guns Today every day of the week, ultimately, we are here because you, the readers, like us and keep clicking. What do you want want us to look for ? Is there an awesome new start-up company no one else knows about? What gear do you want to know about? Let us know and we’ll try to make it happen.

Image of tactical gear from a video from SHOTShow.org