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Starline Brass Project Service Dog

Help Veterans with Starline Brass’s Service Dog Project

Prize pack for donors is available through July 4.

Starline has recently kicked off an exciting new promotion to help veterans of our military. Project Service Dog began Memorial Day with a fantastic reloading prize pack giveaway to raise funds to place a service dog with a deserving U.S. veteran. The reloading prize pack includes…
Handgun lying on American flag

House Approves Bill to Prevent Taking Gun Rights Away From Veterans

It's hard to believe a law was needed to prevent this in the first place.

The Veteran's Second Amendment Protection Act, or House Bill 1181, was introduced February 16, 2017. Here's the language of this bill: "This bill prohibits, in any case arising out of the administration of laws and benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs, any person who…
Women Need to Take On Combat Roles

Army Lieutenant Encourages Military Women to Enter Combat Roles

Ernst stresses that women should take the opportunity.

Sen. Joni Ernst, the first female combat veteran to serve in the United States Senate, is encouraging women to enter combat roles. A small number of female service members are able to fulfill this type of role adequately, but Ernst underscores the importance of women…
female Army officers

Rise in Females in Infantry and Armor Units Show Army’s Shifting Focus

U.S. Army's changes to gender restrictions start to show results

The Army Times announced in April that Capt. Kristen Griest, one of the first women to earn the coveted Ranger tab, will once again make history by becoming the Army’s first female infantry officer. Military.com reported that "Capt. Kristen Griest, a 26-year-old military police officer from Connecticut,…

Marine Corps Increases Focus on Updating Current Weapons Systems

New changes and better effectiveness are coming to the battlefield.

It's called the Small Arms Modernization Strategy, and it could mean big changes on the battlefield. The Marine Corps places high value not only on effectiveness of their small arms, but also on their mobility and durability that can influence speed and muscle fatigue. That means…